The Devil's in the Details

Your Furniture is placed, but something is missing, perhaps an area rug to add the color and pattern to ground your pieces, or replace that builder grade chandelier with something that makes you smile every time you flick it on?
Art is such a personal journey, whether you are a collector of fine originals or love to change the look of a room with a quick piece picked up at your local poster store, we can assist.
Let the game begin of allowing your personality and aesthetics to emerge.

Why Decorate?

With our help, the process will be much easier because we can provide you with all the items you need to match your home’s overall décor or even that of every room. You can find the following in our showroom:

  • Wall Décor

  • Home Accents

  • Mirrors

  • Drapes, Cornices, Valences, and Side Panels

  • Drapery Hardware

  • Rugs

  • Lighting

  • Custom Bedding